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Nugget Cuff Bracelets (Choose from 11 Gemstones)

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Nugget Cuff Gemstone Bracelets
These are made with durable elastic cords that comfortably hugs your wrist, cleverly woven together by hand in a way that emphasizes good looks and good vibrations!

Available In:  (Pictured Examples Below)
Morganite & Aquamarine: For love, serenity and emotional well being (Not Available at this time)
Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline: For purity, clarity, protection and grounding
Lapis Lazuli:  For inner vision, communication of truth, living with virtue (Not Available at this time)
Citrine: For mental clarity, alertness and the power of manifestation
Moonstone: For intuition, receptivity, link with the Goddess, emotional intelligence (Not Available at this time)
Blue-Green Apatite: (Not Available at this time)
Blue Kyanite: For psychic ability, past life recall, telepathy and empathy
Smoky Quartz:
For physical well-being, grounding and protection
Healerite: For broad-spectrum healing, rejuvination and longetivity
Rose Quartz: For love, gentleness and emotional healing
Clear Quartz: For clearing, cleansing, healing and memory
Sunstone: For benevolence, strength and positive attitude

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