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Orgonite "Protection from Negative Energy" Power Pyramids

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Orgonite Protection from Negative Energy Power Pyramids
Ideal for clearing, purifying and protecting your space at work or home

Contains: Rhodizite, Himalaya Gold Azeztulite, Himalaya Red-Gold Azeztulite, White Azeztulite, Black Tourmaline, Guardianite and Shungite
Note: Pictured example measures 2.25" tall by 4.25" wide

“Orgonite is the name given to a new class of devices inspired by the work of Wilhelm Reich, and intended to tap into the Universal Life force, or ‘Orgone’ energy. Orgonite is comprised of polymer resin in which objects and substances such as crystals, metal shavings, copper wires and pellets, have been embedded. Reich believed that Orgone energy could be accumulated by mixing organic and inorganic materials. In our Organites, the metals provide an inorganic component, while the polymer resin is viewed as being the organic component. In my own view, the stones in our Orgonites provide a vibrational bridge between the organic and inorganic. I envision them acting as amplifying conduits for the Orgone energy."   —Robert Simmons

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