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Pink Petalite Energy Bracelets

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A+ Pink Petalite Energy Bracelets
Available in 6mm or 8mm round beads on a comfortable elastic band

"Pink Petalite's energies can envelop one in the serenity of the blissful heart. It is a stone of Ananda, or Divine Bliss. It has a profoundly calming influence, which can help one to dissolve stress, worry and anxiety. It is a wonderful stone to sleep with, both for enabling peaceful sleep and for bringing pleasant dreams. Pink Petalite is also a highly spiritual stone. It resonates with the Angelic Realm, and can enable one to contact and commune with Angelic beings. Pink Petalite activates the Corridor of Light that runs from the Heart chakra to the Crown chakra, and on to the Etheric chakras above the head. When one wears a Pink Petalite over the heart, or places on of these stones there during meditation, one can sometimes feel, and inwardly see, a column of spiritual Light extending from the Heart upwards, linking one to the highest realms of awareness. Thus, Pink Petalite is one f the important stones of spiritual Ascension. This stone can help to awaken the Intelligence of the Heart, and it allows one to hear inwardly the voice that speaks the heart's true Wisdom."    —Robert Simmons

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