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Mandala Crystal Grids: "Polarity Harmony" on Wooden Base (Small)

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"POLARITY HARMONY"  Mandala Crystal Grid on Wooden Base
SMALL: Wooden base measures appr. 3" in diameter, pictured is an example


Black Tourmaline Azeztulite*
Black Azeztulite*
White Azeztulite*
Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite*
Black Tourmaline*

*Azozeo Super-Activated!

“The bases of our Mandala Crystal Grids are are made from laminated birch wood, and they are laser etched with incredibly intricate and beautiful patterns. We made our stone selections so that each grid would offer a specific and appropriate energy pattern. The Polarity Harmony Grid uses the yin-yang pattern with select stones of ‘opposite’ vibrational polarities in order to bring transcendence, inner unity and balance.”   —Robert Simmons

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