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"Protection & Purification" Power Strand

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Item Number: NPN30
High Energy Strands that Empower You! Designed to enhance the power of stones for specific purposes.
(Pictured is an example, shapes will vary. Each strand measures approximately 30" Long)
"Protection & Purification" Power Strand Necklace
Combines Black Tourmaline, Healer's Gold, Guardianite, Jet, Auralite-23, Black Tourmaline Quartz, Sugilite and Amazez. This strand combines an ideal group of stones for keeping one’s auric field, physical self, chakra column and meridian system clear of negativity, implants, parasitic entities and psychic debris of all types. It is excellent for healers, intuitives and other sensitive and empathic people who might accidentally pick up disharmonious energies from others or the environment. It also purifies one’s body & energies for initiation into higher levels. 

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