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Primalite™ Natural A+ Crystals

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Primalite Natural A+ Crystals
Pictured are examples, (crystals sold individually) shapes may vary

"The stone we call Primalite is from a single small location in Russia.  It is a unique combination of very high quality Clear Quartz with a natural overgrowth of sparkling micro-crystals of Seraphinite. The Quartz component of Primalite emanates very high, pure vibrational energy. The Seraphinite component is strong as well, offering much nourishment to the subtle body. The energies of this stone enter one’s bodily energy field and begin working at once to dislodge stuck energies and get the interior flow moving. The currents of these stones can enter the body at any point, and are especially resonant with the third eye and the heart chakra. The powerful energies of Primalite go everywhere within one’s subtle body field, and the last for some time, even after the stone is put down!"   —Robert Simmons

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