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A+++ RARE Super-Fine Besednice Moldavite (32mm x 20mm)

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RARE A+++ Besednice Natural Moldavite (Czech Republic)
Measures 32mm x 20mm and weighs 4.7 grams
"Besednice Moldavites are a special variety of Moldavite found only in and near the village of Besednice in Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic. They are among the most beautiful Moldavites, characterized by lacy, deeply sculpted forms. No one knows why these Moldavites look so different from other varieties, but their beauty and rarity have made them into collectors, highly priced by everyone who loves Moldavite. The Besednice location and nearby digging sites for this type of Moldavite have been completely mined-out, and it has been more than a decade since any new pieces have been found."   —Robert Simmons


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