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We are very excited to offer high quality original videos exploring co-creating with stones. Robert Simmons, author of the bestselling books The Book of Stones, Stones of the New Consciousness, Earthfire and Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation, offers his perspectives on the stones that he loves, and feels are important to the transformation of Consciousness. Enjoy!

Heaven & Earth YouTube Video Channel

Videos Include:

The 2020 Alchemy of Stones II Preview #3

The 2020 Alchemy of Stones II Preview #2

The 2020 Alchemy of Stones II Preview #1

The Energies of New Zealand Stones!

The Azeztulite Story

The Tale of Azozeo® Azeztulite





Sauralite Azeztulite




The Azozeo Phenacites

Robert Simmons and Leo McFee

Below you'll find Robert Simmons' May 2010 
Stones of the New Consciousness Crystal Intensive
recorded in Vermont, USA

SONC Crystal Intensive: Part 1

SONC Crystal Intensive: Part 2

SONC Crystal Intensive: Part 3

SONC Crystal Intensive: Part 4

SONC Crystal Intensive: Part 5

SONC Crystal Intensive: Part 6

Robert Simmons Crystal Intensive

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