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Rosophia, Healerite & Azeztulite

Help from the Stone Beings

Some people have asked me what stones I am working with for spiritual support during this challenging time. When I meditated about this, I saw three stones very clearly: Rosophia, White Azeztulite and Healerite. As I understand it, these stones will work together synergistically to help us through this transformational crisis. The Healerite holds the Divine blueprint of our wellbeing and offers that pattern to be assimilated by our subtle body. The White Azeztulite brings in the highest spiritual Light, and is there to help us expand our awareness, bringing the Light all the way down to the level of our cells. Rosophia offers the Earth’s love, helping us to release anxiety, and also to ground ourselves. The three together enhance our connection with Sophia, who is going through this initiation with us.  

Our Gift to You: To thank you for your involvement in our work, and to offer what we can, with the intention of blessing, we will send you a piece of each of the three stones I mentioned above. There is no charge, for the stones, (although we do ask that you pay $5 domestic / $16 International for the cost of mailing them to you.) This is simply something we want to do in the spirit of community. Because, to me, all of you truly ARE my community, and I care about you. All of us at Heaven and Earth feel this way. You can choose raw stones for your pocket or to put under your pillow. To Order click the image below.

Or if you want something you can wear, we’ll send you three tumbled and drilled stones, strung on a cord for $25 plus $5 domestic / $16 International shipping. (These would usually sell for about $60.) To Order click the image below

We do have other items, such as altar stones, bracelets and jewelry in Healerite, White Azeztulite and Rosophia.

Note: Please be sure to understand that we are making no claims that these stones (or any stones) can prevent or cure the Covid 19 virus, or any illness. We believe that they provide spiritual support, but they should not be viewed as a substitute for medical care, nor as something that offers any sort of immunity. Please follow all guidelines and directions given your doctor, and by public health officials in your location.

I have put together a Youtube video about the spiritual aspects of the new situation created by the pandemic, and about our continuing spiritual work with stones.
To connect to that video, click HERE:

I have also created a shorter video that is mostly about the three stones, and how you can use them for spiritual support during this time.
To connect to the shorter video, click HERE:

And I hope you will email me! Send in your stories, insights, dreams and ideas. Tell us what has been happening between you and the stones you work with. Are your stones feeling stronger and more awake, as mine are? What are your feelings about what is going on in our world? I would love to hear from you. Send emails to

Alchemy is the art and science of spiritual transformation. Its goal was (and is) to aid in achieving the aspiration of the Divine to fully incarnate in matter. When this occurs, our Earth will truly be a Planet of Light. Both we and the Stone Beings are the Earth’s children and her partners in co-creation. While we are all spending more time at home, let us contemplate this, remembering our gratitude and love for the Earth and for one another. This is part of the alchemy, and our hearts are our sacred vessels. It is from our hearts that transcendence arises.

Many thanks and many Blessings,

Robert Simmons

PS: Our staff will continue working for the time being, unless the government instructs us to shut down. If that occurs, we will let you know. Until then, I hope you will use this time to venture inward to the realm of soul, where we meet the Stone Beings and Sophia. It is an excellent time to work with stones! Through our conscious use of intention, attention and imagination, we can provide spiritual help to our human brethren, the Stone Beings, and the Soul of the World, as we go through this initiation together.

Note: The FREE stones are limited to one set per person. If you want or need more, we ask for $10 plus $5 shipping per set of three stones. (They would normally sell for about $40.) We have stones to make up to about 2000 sets, and we want to spread them among as many people as possible.

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