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Sleep Stones: Rosophia™ (Natural)

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Rosophia Sleep Stones
    "I have been sleeping with the first Rosophia stone we discovered a few years ago, and it has provided me with the best enhance of sleep and dream life of any stone I have ever worked with in this way. When I hold the Rosophia near my heart in the bed, lying on my side, I feel immediately soothed and comforted. It is very easy to get to sleep, and my asleep is very deep. My dreams tend to be more vivid and more pleasant, and I do not have ‘bad dreams’ when I use the Rosophia. My ‘sleeping stone’ is also a helpful aid if entering into meditation.
     “Perhaps the most amazing phenomenon of sleeping with Rosophia is that I sometimes wake up during the night, and I notice that something is going on between the stone and my heart. I can feel a pleasant, loving exchange of currents between the stone and my heart. It feels as if this goes on all night, though my brain knows nothing about it unless I wake up and feel it. I use one every night!"  —RS

NOTE: Picture are examples, shapes will vary. 

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