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Roswellite™ Natural Specimen (2.7" x 2.7")

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Roswellite Natural Specimen "Dolomite after Aragonite" 
This stone measures 2.7" x 2.7" x 2.2" and weighs 219.8 grams

"In the Fall of 2018, we encountered a stone we had never met before, from an area that is far more famous for UFOs than it is for stones! The stones we call Roswellite are six-sided pseudomorphs of “Dolomite after Aragonite.” This means that Dolomite has replaced the Aragonite crystal clusters that comprised the original formations. These are stones that have literally evolved from one species to another! In addition, their crystalline bodies are like nothing we have seen before. Their basic pattern is like that of a hexagon or six-pointed star. However, they are much more complex in that each specimen displays portions of other hexagons which interpenetrate the main crystal. Some have only a few such secondary forms, while others have many. The more one looks at them, the more fascinating they become!"   —Robert Simmons

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