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Sardello Collection

Spiritual-Emanator Stones from the Sardello Collection
"All of these stones have been in the collection of Robert and Cheryl Sardello, directors of the School of Spiritual Psychology, for many years. They were never 'mere collector specimens'. All of the stones are immersed in heart currents through ongoing contemplative heart engagement with the stones for the past ten years. These crystals and minerals are permanently attuned to the highest levels of soul and spirit."

"A second characteristic of these stones is that they are all large. The currents imbue the space of a room and even a house and beyond with the transformative action of the spiritual beings of the stone."

"You will notice that the short description of each stone given here is somewhat different than descriptions from the many metaphysical compendiums of crystals and minerals. All of these crystals and minerals are activated specifically to the strong resonance of the higher spirit world. At this level, personal desire and interest are more a by-product than the reason for working with crystals and minerals. The primary, felt, concern is for the ongoing unfolding of the spiritual nature of Earth, in union with the individual."   —Robert Sardello

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