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Selenite Laser-Focus Power Wand: "Azozeo Azeztulite™ 16"

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Item Number: SLF03

AZOZEO AZEZTULITE 16  Selenite Laser-Focus Power Wand
NOTE: Pictured Wand is an example, shapes and colors will vary

Includes a piece of ALL 16 Azeztulites*

Original White
Red Fire
Satyaloka Rose
Satyaloka Yellow
Satyaloka Clear
Pink Fire
Sanda Rosa
Black Tourmaline
Honey & Cream
Himalaya Gold
Pink (Rhodazez)
and Magnifier Quartz

*All Azeztulites have been Azozeo Super-Activated!

“These carefully shaped Selenite tabular wands are ideal for bringing the combined energies of a whole group of stones into a synergistic and harmonious accord, and streaming their collective currents out the termination in a highly focused manner. These new designs are incredibly powerful tools for each of the purposed suggested by their names. They are ideal for stimulating chakras, or for placing on the body. I often use one between the heart and solar plexus, pointing upward”   —Robert Simmons

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