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Stone Energy Grid Sets: "Protection & Empowerment"

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Item Number: SGS04
"Protection & Empowerment" Stone Energy Grid Set
Set Includes Auralite-23, Midnight Obsidian, Guardianite, Black Tourmaline, Master Shamanite and Amazez. (pictured is an example)
For providing absolute protection from negative energies and entities, and for establishing a high level of personal power.

“We’ve been using Stone Energy Grids in our personal work for many years, and have been meaning for some time to offer Stone Grid Sets for our readers. Recently our guidance told us that this is the essential time to make these grids available. As we transition into the New Consciousness of the coming Golden Age, we will benefit greatly from being able to immerse ourselves in energy environments that we choose to create for various spiritual purposes. As a start, we’ve created ten Stone Energy Grid Sets, and we’ve discounted the prices of the stones making up the sets, so they are very affordable.”  —R.S.

Below: Cheryl using the "Protection & Empowerment" Stone Energy Grid

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