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Joy, love, creativity, enthusiasm, perseverance
Adularia  Tranquillity, inward journeying, stone of the Goddess, receiving inner guidance
Aegirine  Clearing, protection, energy, confidence
Agate, Blue Lace  Communication, clarity, confidence
Agate, Dendritic  Growth and wisdom through inner work
Agate, Ellensburg Blue  Eloquent communication of the heart’s truth, soothing the throat chakra, calming the mind
Agate, Fire   Vitality, sexuality, creativity, will
Agate, Holly Blue  Bringing Spirit into matter, stimulating psychic abilities
Agate, Moonlight  Calming of emotional Body, Excellent sleep stone
Agate, Moss
  Stability, persistence, grounding
Agate, Purple Sage   Gentle auric cleansing, healing and strengthening, connection with guides
Agni Gold Danburite  Clarity, truth, joy, clairvoyance, attunement to higher spiritual realms
Agni Manitite  Stone of inspiration and creativity
Agnitite  Infusion of Divine Fire, life force, purification, transformation
Ajoite  Love, healing, emotional support, goddess and angelic connections
Albite  Inner exploration, enhancement of mental and psychic abilities
Alexandrite  Joy and wisdom, release of sorrow
Amazonite  Truth, communication, harmony
Amaranthine  Sweet, powerful, purifying, inner expansion

Amber  Light, warmth, solar energies, clarification, healing
Amblygonite  Calm power of the will, manifestation of creative ideas
Amegreen  Mind/Heart integration, spiritual connection, compassion, psychic ability, emotional healing
Amethyst  Protection, purification, Divine connection, release of addictions
Ametrine  Mental and spiritual clarity, decisiveness
Amulet Stone  Positive energy, slow and steady healing, clearing negativity
Anandalite  Kundalini awakening, enlightenment, genius, creativity
Andalusite  Cleansing, comforting, protective, friendly
Angel Aura Quartz  Upliftment, peace, serenity, expanded awareness
Angel Phantom Quartz  Angelic domain, inner peace, Higher Self
Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite  Cleansing, purification, angelic connection
Angelite  Angelic communication, serenity, expanded awareness
Apache Tears  Grounding, protection, psychic attunement, emotional healing
Apatite, Blue  Psychic activation, access to knowledge
Apatite, Green  Knowledge of the heart, relaxation, revitalization
Apatite, Golden  Creation, clarity, confidence, manifestation
Apophyllite, Clear   Interdimensional awarenes
Apophyllite, Green  Connection with Nature Spirits
Aqua Aura Quartz  Calming and relaxing, connection with spiritual realms, enhanced communication
Aqua Lemuria  Calming, tool for awakewning
Aquamarine  Cooling, soothing, enhancement of clear communication
Aragonite, Blue  Intuition, increased emotional perception and psychic ability
Aragonite, Spanish  Awareness of the living world, awakening higher awareness, grounding heavenly energies on Earth
Aragonite, Star Clusters  Balanced energies, emotional healing, strength, confidence
Arfvedsonite  Deepening awareness, striong stone of protection
Astaraline  Protecting and nourishing the Light Body, healing the cells
Astrophyllite  Self-knowledge, link with one’s Divine Blueprint
Auralite-23    Psychic Sensitivity, Prophetic Vision
Aurastarlite    Spiritual and energetic purification, Fullness of inner harmony
Aventurine, Blue
  Psychic attunement, self-discipline, inner strength
Aventurine, Green
  Vitality, growth, confidence
Aventurine, Red  Discernment, determination, strength, creativity, sexuality
  Grounding, endurance, vitality, inner exploration
Azeztulite, Original White  Receiving the Nameless Light, link with the Great Central Sun
Azeztulite, Amazez  Spiritual Power, Purification, Healing
Azeztulite, Black  Light within Darkness, complete transformation, protection, infusion of light
Azeztulite, Black Tourmaline  Clears negative energies, fills one with light
Azeztulite, Blue-Green  Healing and awakening the emotional body
Azeztulite, Cinnazez
  Powerful increases of Life Force, alchemical transmutation, prosperity
Azeztulite, Golden
  Attunement to the Gold-White Light, Light Body awakening, time travel, kindling the Sun of the Heart
Azeztulite, Green Fire  Facilitates communication with Nature

Azeztulite, Himalaya Gold  Creative manifestation, co-creating with Sophia, kindling the Great Central Sun in the heart
Azeztulite, Himalaya Red  Life force, cellular transmutation, radiance, regeneration
Azeztulite, Himalaya Red-Gold  Radiant health, vitality, creativity, abundance
Azeztulite, Honey & Cream   Divine Love, Joy, intimacy, sweetness
Azeztulite, New Zealand White   offers the essence of joy

Azeztulite, Pink
  Heart awareness, emotional healing, serenity, compassion
Azeztulite, Pink Fire  Inner Fire of Divine Love, High Heart activation, passionate self-identification with love, emotional self-healing
Azeztulite, Red Fire  Life Force, enthusiasm, vitality, power, passion, sexuality, intelligence, visionary experience, longevity
Azeztulite, Satyaloka Clear
  Sat-chit-ananda, truth, consciousness, bliss
Azeztulite, Satyaloka Rose  Ascension of the Heart
Azeztulite, Satyaloka Yellow  Enlightenment, Ascension, acceleration of one’s evolution
Azeztulite, Sanda Rosa  Healing, inner harmony, purification, attunement with the soul of the Earth
Azeztulite, Sauralite  Realization of Divine purpose, marriage of Heaven and Earth
Azeztulite, Sedona  Very active interdimensional stone, communication with Spirit Guides

Azumar  Ecstatic spiritual connection, attunement to flow, expanded awareness
  Insight, vision, intuition, intellect

  Inner vision, energetic alignment, interdimensional travel
Benitoite  Channeling, psychic abilities, increase in synchronicity
Beryllonite  Light in darkness, Divine purpose, joy
Bixbite  (Red Beryl) Vitality, courage, love, self-esteem, passion
Black Phantom Quartz  Inner Light, releasing self-judgment, reclaiming soul fragments, courage and resolve
Bliss Quartz  Happiness, vitality, comfort

Blizzard Stone  Balancing energies during spiritual growth, enhancement of inner vision, grounding
Bloodstone  Strength, courage, purification, vitality
Brazilianite  Creativity, manifestation, inner cleansing, empowerment of the will
Brookite  Higher-chakra awakening and alignment, interdimensional communication
Bustamite  Playfulness, joy, vitality, sexuality, creativity, dreams, initiation

Cacoxenite  Alignment with the Divine plan, spiritual cleansing and purification
Calcite, Blue  Psychic ability, astral travel, soothing the emotional body
Calcite, Clear
  Insight, clarity, manifestation, forgiveness
Calcite, Elestial Angel  Angelic communication, music of the spheres, visionary experience
Calcite, Green  Relaxation, emotional balance, release of stress and resentment, connection with the heart
Calcite, Orange  Creativity, sexuality, playfulness, confidence, innovation
Calcite, Honey  Clarity of insight and action, confidence, persistence, intellectual power
Calcite, Merkabite  Consciousness expansion, interdimensional travel, ascension, access to higher knowledge
Calcite, Pink Opaque
  Well-being, wholeness, health, empathy and connection with the “mind of the heart”
Calcite, Pink Transparent  Emotional healing, compassion and joy
Calcite, Red  Vitality, sensory awareness, clarity
Calcite, Stellar Beam  Divine will, manifestation, interdimensional travel, access to higher knowledge
Carnelian  Courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence, action
Cassiterite  Manifestation and destruction, birth and death, initiation, navigating the liminal threshold
Cathedral Quartz  Access to spiritual information, multidimensional awareness
Cavansite  Clairvoyance and clairaudience, access to Akashic records, enhanced communication, consciousness
Celestial Quartz  Access to stored information and Akashic records, grounding the spiritual in the physical
Celestite  Angelic communication, access to higher dimensions, serenity
Cerrusite  Alchemical transformation of self, evolutionary change
Chalcedony, Blue  Calm, balance, centeredness, inner knowledge
Chalcedony, Purple  Awakening of psychic abilities, aura cleansing, purification, union with the Higher Self
Charoite  Revealing one’s path of service, purging inner negativity, protection, healing
Chlorite Phantom Crystals  Self-healing, linking with Earth and Nature spirits
Chrysanthemum Stone  Grounding, prosperity, discovering and achieving the soul’s purpose
Chrysoberyl  Alignment of the will with the heart, abundance, prophetic vision
Chrysocolla  Communication, expression of the sacred, goddess energies, gentleness and power
Chrysoprase  Growth, compassion, connection with Nature, forgiveness, altruism
Cinnabar  Alchemy, magic, transformation, insight, manifestation, wealth, mental agility
Circle Stone  Attunement to Earth’s consciousness, awakening of dormant capacities, co-creative union with the World Soul
Citrine  Manifestation, personal will, mental clarity, creativity
Clinochlore  Healing, vitality, love, Divine blueprint of well-being, angelic communication
Clear Quartz  Inner Clarity and Spirituality
Coromandel Stonewood  Awareness of Earth's ancient memories, time travel to the past, telomere protection
  Psychic abilities, inner vision, transformation, bridging the higher and lower worlds
Creedite  Expansion of awareness, attuning to spiritual information
Crimson Cuprite  Life force, vitality, physical energy, courage, healing, Divine feminine, etherization of the blood
Crocoite  Physical vitality, wisdom of the heart, communion with the Divine, passion, love, enlightenment
Cryolite  Intelligence of the heart, future stream, Divine purpose, surrender, liberation, integrity, spiritual truth
Cuprite  Life force, vitality, physical energy, courage, healing, Divine feminine

  Angelic communication, channeling, interdimensional travel, peace, freedom from stress
Datolite  Connection with the higher worlds, retrieval of lost information, mental power, spiritual awareness
Darwinite  Heart awareness, loving relationship, linking heart and brain, kinship with all life
DevaQuartz Green Phantoms
  Emanate pure joy, Powerful activators of Third Eye and Crown Chakras
Devalite  Infuses the physical body with Life Force

  Intensity, radiance, sovereignty
Diaspore  Adaptability, mental enhancement, meditative exploration
Diopside  Connection with the Earth, opening the heart, healing, balance, subtle perception
Dioptase  Forgiveness, compassion, release of karmic patterns, prosperity
Dolomite  Centeredness, calm, balance, moderation, grounding
Dream Quartz  Dream enhancement, astral travel, contact with guides, release of stress
Dumortierite  Divine inspiration, psychic ability, inner guidance, enhanced learning capacity, mental discipline

Elestial Quartz  Energy infusion from the higher realms, Divine Love, angelic communication, grounding the Higher Self in earthly life
Emerald  Love, compassion, healing, abundance
Empowerite  Confidence, strength, personal power
Eisen Quartz  Vitality, creativity, optimism, playfullness, humor, eroticism, insight, self-confidence, spiritual freedom
  Release of negativity, embracing positive patterns, attraction of what one emanates
Euclase  Transformation of negativity, integrity, truthfulness, clarity, intuition, spiritual commitment
Eudialyte  Opening and following the heart, self-love, healing the emotional body

Faden Quartz  Healing the etheric body and auric field, catalyzing physical healing
Fairy Stones  Comminicating and co-creating with nature Spirits
Fairy Wand Quartz  Attunement with fairy, devic and angelic realms, relaxation, inner peace

Flint  Grounding the spiritual in the physical, creating structure and self-discipline, increasing honesty and practicality
Fluorite  Mental enhancement and clarity, improved decision making, clearing the energy fields
Fulgurite  Manifestation of one’s higher purpose, enhancement of prayer, kundalini awakening, purification, sudden awakening

Gaia Stone  Connection with the Heart of the Earth, love and compassion, emotional healing, goddess energies
Galena  Shamanic soul retrieval, alchemical self-transformation, past-life recall
Garnet, Almandine  Strength, security
Garnet, Black Andradite  Grounding, protection, knowledge, creative
Garnet, Grossular  Prosperity, health
Garnet, Rainbow 
Happiness, felicity, exuberance, playfullness, kindness, generosity, healing the inner Child
Garnet, Rhodolite
  Emotional healing, self-worth, walking the spiritual path
Garnet, Spessartine  Creativity, sexuality, attraction
Garnet, Uvarovite  Overcoming poverty consciousness, manifesting abundance
Gaspeite  Spiritual perception and expression, manifestation, emotional healing, weight control, digestion
Gel Lithium Silica  Calming, soothing, emotional serenity and stability, antidote to stress and negativity
Gem Silica  Enhanced communication, connection with Goddess energies, clairvoyance, joy, peace
Glacierite  Healing influence that dissolves stress, increases the depth and power of meditaton
  Precise stimulation of chakras and meridians, transmutation into the New Human Being and the Body of Light
Goethite  Connection with Earth, healing through grief, enhanced soul life, artistic creativity
Golden Healer Quartz  Pure Golden Ray of spiritual light, self-healing
Golden Labradorite
  Right use of will, clarity, confidence, power, vitality, creativity, purposefulness, link with Great Central Sun
Goshenite  Mental stimulant, enhanced dreams, loyalty, truth, prayer, spiritual assistance
Green Angel Dreamstone  Pleasant, soft and gentle energies, Lucid dreaming
Green Taralite  Flowing, friendly energies, connection with Green Tara, out-of-body travel, healing and insight
  Life Force, personal power, magic, vitality, longetivity, self-loyalty and self-love, inner radiance
  Infusion of life force, grounding, strength, protection

Halite, Blue  Cleansing, purification, psychic clearing, activating psychic abilities
Halite, Pink  Emotional cleansing, inner clarity, opening the heart, self-love
Hanksite  Purification, dissolving of blockages, cleansing of toxic energies, a “stone of truth”
Healer's Gold  Healing, grounding of high-frequency energies in the body, energetic harmony and balance
Healerite  Healing stone on all levels
Heartenite  Evokes and amplifies the energies of the awakened heart

Heliodor  Activation of mind and will
Hematite  Grounding, manifestation, making the spiritual physical
Hematite, Rainbow  Repairing one's magnetic field, spiritual protection, Vibrational Ascension
Hemimorphite  Light activation, aura balancing, emotional healing and communication, empathy, joy
Herderite  Evolution, activation of latent capacities, awakening the higher brain functions, discovering the Light Body
Herkimer Quartz "Diamonds"  Dreams, visions, purification, spiritualization of physical life
Heulandite, Green  Dreams, visions, interdimensional travel, access to past civilizations, emotional healing
Heulandite, White  Dreams, visions, interdimensional travel, access to past civilizations, emotional healing
Hiddenite  Interpersonal love, heart healing, rediscovering the joy of relationships
Hollandite Quartz  Path of destiny, Higher Self, regeneration, spiritual insight, increased Light
Hypersthene  Self-knowledge through visionary awareness, self-healing through visualization

Illuminite  Integration of one's energy field, meeting darkness with light
Imperial Gold Quartz  Manifestation, sovereignty, co-creation with the Divine, emotional resilience
Infinite  Healing and protecting the auric field, activating kundalini, sensitivity to subtle energies
Iolite-Sunstone  Artistic inspiration, productive action, physical vitality, enhanced intuitive abilities
Iolite  Inner vision, shamanic journeying, healing of old wounds, soul retrieval

Jade, Black  Protection, clearing negativity
Jade, Blue  Spiritual knowledge, clear thinking, discrimination
Jade, Green  Health, abundance
Jade, Lavender  High spiritual attunement, compassion, serenity
Jade, Purple  Humor, spiritual knowledge and attunement
Jade, Red  Courage, action
Jasper, Bumble Bee  Creativity, adventure, stimulates courage, antidote to fear
Jasper, Fancy  Grounding mental energies; discipline and perseverance; slow, steady healing
Jasper, Genesis  Grounding, increased longevity, aids one's persistence
Jasper, Mook  Earth-healing, connection with Nature, joy in life
Jasper, Ocean  Enjoyment of life, release of negativity and stress, relaxation, positive self-expression
Jasper, Rainforest
  Earth-healing, connection with Nature, joy in life
Jasper, Red  Physical strength and vitality, stabilization of one’s energies
Jasper, Royal Sahara  Vitality, fertility, will, courage, creativity, prophetic vision
Jasper, Picture  Inner journeying to sacred sites and ancient civilizations, connecting with Earth’s
Jasper, Spider  Elemental magic, good health, connection to the archetypal masculine and feminine
Jasper, Unakite  Healing, balance, release of bad habits, higher attunement, patient persistence
Jet  Protection, purification, grounding

Kaurilite  Life Force, Purifying, Enhancer of longevity
Kammererite  Emanates high spirits, humor and fun
Kyanite, Black  Balance, grounding, energizing, time travel, soul retrieval
Kyanite, Blue  Inner bridges, psychic ability, past-life recall, telepathy, empathy
Kyanite, Green  Psychically connecting with Nature
Kyanite, Orange  Creativity, sexuality, physical evolutionary change, manifestation, clearing the second chakra
Kyanite, Indigo
  Spiritual awakening, astral travel, lucid dreaming, inner vision
Kunzite  Divine Love, emotional healing, activation of the heart’s knowing

Labradorite  Magic, protection
Lapis Lazuli  Inner vision, truthful communication, royal virtues
Larimar  Calming, cooling, soothing to the emotional body, enhanced communication, feminine power
Lazulite  Psychic abilities, mental focus and discipline, enhancing transcendent brain function
Lemurian Aquatine Calcite  Dream awareness, emotional healing, access to world memory, communication with whales and dolphins
Lemurian Golden Opal  Integration of mental and emotional bodies, dissolving inner walls and psychological boundaries
Lemurian Jade, Midnight  Link with Deep Feminine, strength, courage, inner purpose
Lemurian Jade, Shadow  Link with the Divine Feminine, initiation and transition, clearing inner blockages, energetic protection
Lemurian Light Crystal  Inner Light, visionary experience, activation of brain capacities, link to Lemuria
Lemurian Mist Crystal  Stimulates expansion of consciousness, energies of Lemuria

Lemurian Seed Crystals
  Connection with the Divine Feminine, access to knowledge and wisdom of ancient Lemuria
Lepidocrocite  Emotional healing, release of self-destructive patterns, love and empathy, soul retrieval, creative inspiration
Lepidolite  Emotional healing and balance, purification, serenity, relaxation, stress relief
Libyan Gold Tektite  Confidence, mental acuity, psychic protection, access to Akashic records, manifestation
Lilac Lepidolite  Soothing the emotional body, relieving stress, enhancing meditation, peace, serenity, love, Divine connection
Lithium Light  Serenity, euphoria, upliftment to the Light
Lithium Quartz  Inner peace, release from stress and negative attachments, aura healing, harmonizing relationships

Magenta Fluorite  Thought of the Heart, inner truth, emotional healing, higher awareness
Magnesite  Awakening the higher sensibilities, opening to inner vision, truth and bliss, listening to the heart
Magnetite  Alignment of subtle energies with the body, grounding, balancing polarities, awakening hidden potentials
Magnifier Quartz  Intensification of one's natural energies
Malachite  Enlightened leadership, creativity, confidence, protection, a healed heart
Mani Stone  Spiritual integration and awakening
Manifest Light Crystals
  Kundalini awakening, stimulation of Inner Light, manifestation of one's intentions
Marcasite  Physical vitality, spirituality in physical life, balancing energetic polarities
Maramalite  Stone of life and light, emanates a vibrant current of vitality and life force

Master Shamanite  Linking the physical and spiritual realms, inner purification, spiritual protection, shamanic journeying
Merlinite  Magic, intuition, connection with elemental energies, past-life recall, psychic openings, mediumship
Metal, Copper  Channeling and grounding higher vibrations, conducting and enhancing stone energies
Metal, Gold
  Solar energy, the archetypal male energy, creativity, confidence, vitality
Metal, Niobium  Activation of the Rainbow Body, communication with ETs and etheric entities
Metal, Silver
  Lunar energy, the archetypal feminine energy, mystery, introversion, the unconscious
Metal, Platinum  Cosmic connection, interdimensional communication
Metal, Titanium  Power, action, higher awareness, bringing contradiction into synthesis
Meteorite, Chondrite  Interdimensional and extraterrestrial communication, access to the Akashic records of the solar system
Meteorite, Nickel-Iron  Kundalini activation, inner vision, spiritual awakening, patience and persistence in regard to spiritual growth
Meteorite, Pallasite  Union with the cosmic Overmind and fields of knowledge, interdimensional travel, prosperity
Moldau Quartz  Grounding spiritual Light in the body, appreciating and expressing beauty, grounding the vibrations of Moldavite
Moldavite  Transformation, rapid spiritual evolution, chakra activation, cleansing, protection, increased incidence of synchronicities
Molybdenite Quartz  Balance, grounding, strength, centerdness, stability, vitality, endurance, loyalty, persistency, courage
  Mystery, self-discovery, intuition, insight, dreams, the goddess
Moonstone, Rainbow  Optimism, vitality, inner peace, Rainbow Body of Light
Morganite  Divine Love and compassion
Muscovite  Mental stimulation, inspiration, problem solving, attunement to the future
Mystic Merlinite  Alignment of the chakra column, balancing and integrating polarities, claiming one’s wholeness

Natrolite  Visionary experience, quantum leap to higher consciousness, brain evolution
New Zealand Carnelian Azozeo Super-Activated stone of initiation, Stimulation of Heart Chakra
New Zealand Dragon Eggs  Increase in overall vitality, Increase enjoyment of life
Nirvana Quartz  Opening to the future, heart/brain synergy, inner rapture, destiny, evolution, trust, self-acceptance
Novaculite  stimulation of enlightenment, discernment, cutting unhealthy ties to the past
  Personal magic, inner journeys, attuning to elemental forces, self-mastery

Obsidian, Black  Psychic protection, grounding, cleansing of negativity, spirit communication
Obsidian, Gold Sheen  Healing abuse of power, activating the higher Will, enhanced manifestation
Obsidian, Mahogany  Release from inner limitations, healing feelings of unworthiness
Obsidian, Peacock  Shamanic journeying, astral travel, psychic protection
Obsidian, Rainbow
  Recovery from emotional wounds, the deep journey through darkness into Light
Obsidian, Snowflake  Perseverance, insight, attunement to spiritual guidance, past-life recall, spirit com-munication
Onyx  Inner strength, focused attention, willpower, self-mastery, discipline, reason
Opal, Black Precious  Manifestation of one’s intention, amplification of emotions, revealing and releasing psychic wounds
Opal, Common  Support and heal the emotional body
Opal, Fire  Passion, creativity
Opal, Oregon  Joy, self-expression, imagination
Opal, Owyhee Blue  Quiet strength, calm confidence, decisiveness, inner exploration, amplification of positive emotions
Opal, Violet Flame  Spiritual purification and healing, cleanse and purify the etheric body
Opal, White Precious  Intensification of emotions, purification

Pakulite  Grounding at high energy, Life Force, creativity, personal power, sexual energies, youthfullness
Papagoite  Return to a state of grace, link with higher dimensions, transmutation of sorrow
Peridot  Increase prosperity, warmth, well-being
Petalite  Tranquillity, upliftment, expansion of awareness, manifesting, the spiritual in the physical
Petrified Wood  Steady growth, a strong body, past-life recall, inner peace
Phenacite  Third eye activation, inner visions, awakening the Light Body, interdimensional travel
Phenacite, Norwegian  Profound influence towards inner peace, Conveys access to multiple dimensions
Piemontite  Intelligence of the heart, emotional healing, commitment to life, joy, Light Body activation
  Insight, intuition, increased power of the will, precognition, interdimensional travel, self-transformation
Pink Amethyst  Combines great power with tenderness

Prasiolite  (Green Amethyst) Awakening the heart, linking the lower and higher self
Prehnite  Inner peace, union of the heart and the will, communication with non-physical beings
Primalite  Dislodge stuck energies, transformation

Proustite  Reclaiming one’s Shadow from the depths, grounding in the body and the Earth
Prophecy Stone  Grounding spiritual Light in the physical self and the world, seeing prophetic visions
Purple Angeline  Awakener of destiny, clears dysfunction, stimulates latent creative energies
  Purification, initiation, freedom, insight, truth, power, sovereignty
Pyrite  Masculine energy, manifestation, action, vitality, willpower, creativity, confidence
Pyromorphite  Enhanced digestion and assimilation, discharge of toxic substances and energies, blending love and will

Rathbunite  Enhancement of enjoyement of life, fun, humor, playfullness, creativity
Revelation Stone  Visionary awareness, prophetic vision
Rhodizite  Magnification of the energies of other stones, increasing personal power and confidence
Rhodocrosite  Emotional healing, recovery of lost memories and forgotten gifts, self-love, compassion
Rhodonite  Discovering and developing hidden talents, com-passion, love, generosity, altruism
Rose Quartz  Love, gentleness, emotional healing, release of stress, uniting with the Divine
Rosophia  The Love of Sophia, awakening of Heart Awareness, co-creating with the Divine, alchemical transmutation of self and world
Ruby Fuchsite  Strong emotional body, valuing of oneself, increased life force
Ruby Kyanite  Life Force, courage, passion, intuition, psychic ability, inspiration, visionary awareness
  Life force, courage, passion, strength, enthusiasm, adventurousness, protectiveness
Russian Red Quartz  Life force, sexuality, creativity, arousal of kundalini, enthusiasm for life
Rutilated Quartz  Programmable for attunement, amplification, expanding awareness, quickening and grounding manifestation
Rutile  Attunement, amplification, acceleration, expanding awareness, quickening manifestation

Sapphire, Blue  Awareness, discipline
Sapphire, Padparadscha  Creativity, sexuality and zest for life, loving creation
Sapphire, Pink  Love, forgiveness
Sapphire, White  Awareness, clarity, discernment
Sapphire, Yellow  Abundance, strength of will
Satya Mani Quartz  Spiritual truth and enlightenment
Scapolite  Insight, persistence, self-discipline, willpower, self-transformation, liberation
Scolecite  Inner peace, relaxation, tranquillity, interdimensional travel, awakening the heart
Sedonalite  Heightens one's psychic capacities, acceleration of spiritual growth
Selenite  Spiritual activation, communion with the Higher Self, spirit guides and angels
Seraphinite  Self-healing, regeneration, wholeness, angelic connection
Seriphos Green Quartz  Awareness of the Earth as Paradise, joyful acceptance of physical life, healing
Serpentine  Awakening of higher brain functions, connection with Nature, kundalini awakening
Shaman Stone  Shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, polarity balancing, psychic protection, intuition
Shantilite  The “peace that passes understanding", inner silence, harmony
Shattuckite  Intuition, communication, channeling, mediumship, work with oracles
Shiva Lingam  Kundalini activation, vitality and prana, spiritual transformation and rebirth, enlightenmen
Shungite  Cleansing and purification, infusion of spiritual light, adherence to truth
Siberian Blue Quartz  Psychic awakening, mediumship, mental clarity and insight, feeling at home on the Earth
Sichuan Quartz  Expansion of awareness, balancing the energy bodies, opening the psychic channel
Sillimanite  Unification and harmonization of the chakras, focus and self-discipline, bringing order from chaos
Smithsonite  Soothing the emotions, release of stress, deepening of love and compassion, relaxing into deeper perception
Smoky Quartz  Grounding, transmutation of negative energies, practicality, organization, manifestation of one’s dreams and inspirations
Sodalite  Access to subconscious and intuitive abilities, enhanced insight and mental performance, deepened intuition
Sphalerite  Physical strength, vitality, grounding, balance, discrimination
Sphene  Mental clarity and quickness, accelerated learning, intuition, focused will
Spinel  Revitalization, inspiration, new hope, victory, re-energizing all levels of the self
Spiralite Gemshells  Preservation of life, longevity, access to information on higher levels, DNA evolution
Spirit Quartz
  Merging with the Higher Self, purification, protection, spiritual evolution, freedom from fear
Staurolite  Grounding and physical well-being, linking with the near realms of fairies, devas, animal and plant consciousness
Stibnite  Attunement with new frequencies, transformation, new perspectives, prosperity, enhancement of personal power
Stichtite  Kundalini activation, love and forgiveness, compassion, spiritual protection, emotional and physical resilience
Stonehenge Bluestone  Attunement to ancient knowledge, geomancy, shamanism
Stilbite  Clear thinking, expansion of self-sense, inner peace, enhancing one’s dreams
Strombolite  Humor, relaxation, friendliness, magic, rapport among people
Strontianite  Strength and confidence, enthusiasm for life, increased vitality and sexuality, decisiveness and self-control
Sugilite  Dreams, spiritual protection and purification, becoming a “beacon of Light”
Sunset Gold Selenite  Creating through the will, integration of the brain hemispheres, unification of brain/mind and heart/wisdom
Sunstone  Leadership, benevolence, strength, abundance of blessings, enlightened male energy

Tangerine Quartz  Creativity, sexuality, passion, curiosity, inspiration, playfulness, innocence
Tanzan Aura Quartz  Psychic ability, the Blue Pearl, direct inner knowing, recognizing one’s spiritual “blueprint”
Tanzanite  Linkage of the mind and heart, enhanced spiritual perception, compassionate self-expression, adherence to truth
Tektite  Connection with ETs, telepathic communication, raising one’s vibrational level
Thulite  Joy, pleasure, affection, healing of negative patterns, generosity, kindness, centering in the heart
Tibetan Black Quartz  Spiritual protection and purification, enhancement of meditation, balancing chakras and meridians
Tibetan Tektite  Opening the chakra column, attunement to the Supramental Force, accelerated evolution, Light Body awakening
Tiger Eye  Balance between extremes, discernment, vital-ity, strength, practicality, fairness
Tiger Iron  Strength, stamina, focused will, physical energy and strength, self-healing, grounding
Tigrina Stone  Stimulates insight, itellect and intuation
Titanium Quartz  Increased life force and vitality, activation of the Rainbow Body of Light, humor and relaxation, enjoyment of life
Topaz, Blue  Enhancement of mind and communication
Topaz, Golden  Manifestation of personal intention, will and desires
Topaz, White
  Spirituality, psychic gifts, mental clarity
Tourmaline, Black  Purification, protection
Tourmaline, Blue  (Indicolite) Higher awareness, communication, healing
Tourmaline, Dravite  (Brown Tourmaline) Self-acceptance, self-healing, bringing the Shadow self to consciousness, self-love
Tourmaline, Golden  Will, confidence, inner strength
Tourmaline, Green
  Healing, strength, vitality, wholeness
Tourmaline, Pink
  Love, emotional healing
Tourmaline, Rubellite  Alignment of the individual and Universal heart, healing the heart and emotions, rekindling one’s passion for life
Tourmaline, Watermelon  Calm, joy
Tourmalined Quartz  Purification, recovery from negative influences
Tremolite  Access to higher knowledge, calm and clarity, higher-mind activation, mystic rapture
Trollite  Soothes the emotional body, deeply grounded spiritual stone

Tugtupite  Intense and passionate love, deep heart activation, mystic rapture, grief, emotional transformation
Turquoise  Wholeness, communication and spiritual expansion

Ulexite  Intuition, inner vision, telepathy, clairvoyance, imagination, creativity, mental agility

Vanadanite  Accomplishment of work, stamina, grounding, creativity, discipline, link to Earth energies
Variscite  Inner peace, love and compassion, alignment of the physical and Light bodies, simplicity, clarity, emotional healing
Vesuvianite  Uniting the heart and the will, enthusiasm for life, release of negative attachments, the courage to change
Vitalite  Life force, replenishment, joy, well-being, love, courage, emotional cleansing, generosity, creativity, spiritual awakening
  Compassion, love, inner peace, gentleness, refreshment, inspiration, mystic awakening
Vortexite  Dynamic equilibrium, balance, refreshment, empowerment, links to Earth energies

White Phantom Quartz  Access to Akashic records, connection with spirit guides, energy cleansing
Willemite  Interdimensional travel, adventures in the astral body, connection with higher astral beings
Wulfenite  Creativity, manifestation, determination, sexuality, alchemy, Earth connection

Z Stone  Interdimensional travel, widen one's awareness
Zincite  Life force, creativity, sexuality, personal power, manifestation
Zircon  Stimulation of all the chakras, increased life force, grounding ideals in the physical world
Zoisite  Increase in inner and outer development, awakening of the true self, joyful engagement with life

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