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Synergy Twelve Stone Sets

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Synergy Twelve Stone Sets Include:
Moldavite (2-3 Gram Natural Crystal)
Phenacite (4-7 Carat Tumbled Stone)
Tanzanite (5-10 Carat Tumbled Stone)
Danburite (3-7 Carat Tumbled Stone)
Natrolite (5-10 Carat Tumbled Stone)
Herderite (3-5 Carat Natural Crystal)
Scolecite (5-10 Gram Natural Crystal)
Brookite (Appr. 1 Carat Natural Crystal)
Petalite (5-10 Gram Raw Stone)
Tibetan Tektite (3-6 Gram Natural Specimen) 
Azozeo White Azeztulite (5-10 Gram Raw Stone)
Azozeo Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite (5-10 Gram River Tumbled Stone)
Pictured is an example set, shapes and colors will vary

“The combination of stones we have named the Synergy Twelve evolved over a period of over ten years. We had noticed that certain stones seemed to amplify each other’s energies, and that they worked better when they were used together. The first Synergy combination utilized only five stones--Moldavite, Phenacite, Tanzanite, Danburite and White Azeztulite. Since that time, we have continued testing, ultimately reaching the Synergy Twelve. This group of stones has the capacity to make one feel an ‘Amplification of Self.' Under their influence, one feels more powerful, more present, more awakened, more aware and more alive. Use this group in meditation, in a medicine pouch, in body layouts, or wherever your intuition suggests!”    —Robert Simmons

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