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The Alchemy of Stones II
Transcendence, Transformation and Ascension
Intensive Workshop with Robert Simmons
Thursday June 11 - Sunday June 14, 2020 in Burlington, VT

Join Robert Simmons, author of  The Book of Stones,
Stones of the New Consciousness and The Pocket Book of Stones,
and co-author of Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation,
Be there for the launch of Robert’s new book, The Alchemy of Stones!

FREE DVD set of the 2016 Alchemy of Stones Intensive when you register!

     “The subtitle of this Intensive is: Transcendence, Transformation and Ascension. These are not just words. These are the states of awareness we will aim for at this event, with the help of the stones and the support of one another. Transcendence takes place when something occurs that causes our understanding to take a quantum leap into a new consciousness, a new world view. Transformation is what happens to our whole way of living—inside and out—as a result of entering into the new transcendent awareness. Ascension is the next stage, in which our new center of selfhood rises, expands and unites with the Divine spark. Ascension is a true revolution of consciousness, and with it comes healing, love, and the manifestation of our highest potential.
“From my own experience, I can verify that the ancient Alchemists were correct to say that the world has a soul, whose essence is Wisdom. They named this World Soul Sophia, and they believed she could and would show them the steps to achieve their goals. In the Alchemy of Stones, I know this to be true, and we can all experience our loving co-creative partnership with Sophia through our work with the Stone Beings. In this Intensive workshop, we will reach toward our true spiritual potential—to share consciousness with Sophia in the ecstatic union that fulfills Her destiny, and ours.”     —Robert Simmons

Here are some of the new teachings and experiences to be offered:
~ Encountering the Stone Beings and the Soul of the World ~
~ Engaging Stone Energies to Facilitate Spiritual Healing ~
~ lWorking with Stones to Activate the Body of Light ~
~ Experiencing the Transcendent Function and the Higher Self ~
~ Photonic Stone Layouts for Personal & Planetary Ascension ~
~ Inner Journeys of  Visionary Experience with Stones ~
~ Mandala Stone Grids: Amplifying the Power of Stones ~
~ Gemstone Body Layouts for Healing, Love and Ascension ~
~ Making Your own Gemstone Tools (materials provided FREE) ~
~ Union with the Deep Self and Sophia: A Cosmos of Love ~
~ Alchemical Stone Elixirs for Cleansing, Healing, & Ascension ~
~ DNA Activation with Stones ~
~ Alchemical Meditations: Talking with the Stone Beings ~
~ The Path of Ascension: Becoming the Philosopher’s Stone ~

Workshop Hours
The workshop starts at 9:00 AM Thursday June 11 and ends Sunday June 14 at lunchtime (around 1:30 PM).  There will also be special events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.
NOTE: Workshop check-in will be June 10,  5:00 PM -  7:00 PM  and  Thursday June 11, 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM .


The Hilton Hotel in Burlington, Vermont offers NEWLY RENOVATED luxurious accommodations with fine meals, and a spacious, comfortable environment.  
  To learn more about The Hilton in Burlington visit their website at:
For Booking Online visit:
OR CALL 1-800-445-8667 and mention the event: The Alchemy of Stones 2

Workshop Tuition and Meals Package (Inclusive of ALL Classes and Meals for the Entire Event)

Tuition AND Meals Package for the entire event is $800 per person. You can reserve your place at the event with a minimum $200 deposit.
In the spirit of generosity, Heaven & Earth, the sponsoring organization, will give each participant FREE GEMSTONE GIFTS valued at OVER $800!
Meals include Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Thurs-Saturday and Breakfast & Lunch on Sunday. Meat, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options available at all meals.
For Workshop Registration, call (802) 476-4775, or register online at: Cancellations will incur a $200 fee. For cancellations less than 30 days before the event, there will be no refunds. WE ENCOURAGE EARLY BOOKINGS, AS OUR LAST INTENSIVE WAS SOLD OUT MONTHS IN ADVANCE!


We are happy to announce that we have negotiated a SPECIAL WORKSHOP RATE of $179 per night (plus taxes and applicable fees) for Double Queen or Single King rooms at the Hilton, (regular rates are $229 to $279 per night) Participants should plan on spending four nights (Wednesday, June 10 through Saturday, June 13) at the hotel.  Additional nights can be added if desired. The Intensive will end after lunch on Sunday, June 14 (Lunch will start at about 1:30 PM). To reserve a room, call the hotel directly at 1-802-658-6500.  YOU MUST MENTION YOU ARE WITH THE ALCHEMY OF STONES II GROUP to get the special rate. Rooms can be for single or double-occupancy.  (If you are coming with someone, you can share a double room, which has two queen beds.) Rates are available until our room block is filled.

NOTE: You can reserve your place at the Intensive for a down payment of $200. The balance of $600 can be made in up to three payments. This covers your Tuition AND Meals for the whole event!

AND: To help you get ready for this new workshop, we'll send you a FREE set of 7 DVDs from the 2016 Alchemy of Stones Intensive, as soon as you register for 2020!

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