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The Alchemy of Stones

Robert Simmons

Heaven & Earth Presents:
The Alchemy of Stones
Intensive Workshop with Robert Simmons
Healing, Co-creating, Self-Transformation and World-Awakening with Crystals Minerals & Gems
Thursday June 16 to Sunday June 19, 2016 in Burlington, Vermont

Join Robert Simmons, author of Stones of the New Consciousness and The Pocket Book of Stones, and co-author of The Book of Stones and Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation, for a four-day experiential weekend in beautiful Vermont!

GROUP DISCOUNT: Register as a group of 3 or more and bring a 4th person tuition FREE!*

* Free Tuition valued at $395 / does not include room and/or meals

The Alchemy of Stones
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Alchemy of Stones Workshop on You Tube

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NEW VIDEO!  The Alchemy of Stones: Spiritual Conjunction

“The highest initiates among the ancient Alchemists were seeking something more than the conversion of lead into gold. They were engaged in the Great Work of transforming themselves into fully realized Spiritual Human Beings, and in helping the Earth to realize its highest destiny, in co-creative union with humanity. I believe that the time is ripe for the actualization of this ancient visionary goal. The Soul of the Earth is awake, and She speaks to us through the Stone Beings. The language of this communication is expressed in silence--through visions, intuitions, bodily knowing and the heart’s urgings. It is expressed through the currents we call ‘Stone Energies.’  We are invited into the Great Adventure of becoming Love, becoming Light, and facilitating the Vibrational Ascension of the World. Within this context, we can heal, we can expand our awareness, and we can fall in love—with the stones, with the Earth and with one another.”      —Robert Simmons

Robert Simmons Crystal Intensive

In the Alchemy of Stones Intensive, participants will have the opportunity to learn from an accomplished crystal teacher who will share his latest discoveries and insights, and to experience for themselves the amazing properties of many of the most powerful stones in the mineral realm. Here are some of the new information and experiences to be offered:
~ Encountering the Stone Beings and learning their nature ~
~ Engaging stone energies to facilitate spiritual healing ~
~ Activating the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix ~
~ Experiencing the Light of the Great Central Sun ~
~ Light Body Awakening and Vibrational Ascension ~
~ Healing the past & viewing the future with the Stone Beings ~
~ The Alchemy of Stones path of Transformation ~
~ Gemstone Body Layouts and Vibrational Shift ~
~ Making Your own Gemstone Tools (materials provided FREE) ~
~ Azeztulite, and the Earth’s destiny as a Planet of Light ~
~ The Cystal Path of Love and Ecstatic Rapture ~
~ Stone Elixirs for Self-Transformation ~
~ Stone Meditations for Forgiving, Healing and Awakening ~
~ Spiritual Awakening and Transfiguration ~

Click HERE to read Robert Simmons' NEW Essay about the Alchemy of Stones!

Click HERE to watch Robert Simmons' NEW YouTube Video about the Alchemy of Stones!

Throughout this Intensive, we will work hands-on with a wide array of crystals and minerals selected from the 400+ crystals gemstones and minerals described in the new Revised and Expanded Edition of The Book of Stones. In this highly experiential Stone Intensive, we will spend a large portion of our time actually experiencing the stones, and learning how to work in partnership with them. We will learn how to attune to the Body Consciousness in ourselves which is able to relate directly with the Stone Beings. We will open ourselves to receive new insights and inner guidance from the angelic realm, and we will practice centering ourselves in Heart Awareness.

“The Alchemy of Stones is an active path of healing, consciousness expansion and world transformation. In the New Consciousness of The Alchemy of Stones, we learn to know, love and trust the Soul of the World, who offers to partner with us in the achievement of the Great Work.”     —Robert Simmons


Workshop Hours
 The workshop starts at 9:00 AM Thursday June 16 and ends Sunday June 19 at lunchtime. There will also be special events after dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Workshop check-in will be June 15, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM and Thursday June 16, from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM

The Hilton Hotel in Burlington, Vermont. It offers luxurious accommodations with fine meals, and a spacious, comfortable environment. To learn more about The Hilton in Burlington visit their website at:

Workshop Tuition
Tuition is $395 per person for all four days (plus room and board). In the spirit of generosity, Heaven and Earth, the sponsoring organization, will give each participant gemstone gifts valued at over $500. For Workshop Registration, please call (802) 476-4775, or register below. Cancellations will incur a $200 fee. For cancellations less than 30 days before the event,there will be no refunds. WE ENCOURAGE EARLY BOOKINGS, AS OUR LAST INTENSIVE WAS SOLD OUT MONTHS IN ADVANCE!

Rooms & Meals*
*ROOMS: Most participants should plan on spending four nights (Wednesday, June 15 through Saturday, June 18) at the hotel. Additional nights can be added if desired. The Intensive will end after lunch on Sunday, June 19. Special group rates for rooms will be $169 per night, plus taxes and applicable fees. They can be for single or double-occupancy. For reservations, please call the Hilton at 1-800-445-8667 (use Group Code “AOS”).

MEALS: The Meal Package will include breakfast, lunch and dinner Thursday through Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Package price for meals will be $360 and can be booked with Heaven & Earth at 802-476-4775 or during Online Registration below.

A word from Robert Simmons about the Meal Plan: Kathy and I have been consulting closely with the chef and catering staff of the Hilton, and have worked out plans for healthy and abundant buffet meals throughout the event. There will be vegan and gluten free options at every meal, as well as meat, eggs, etc. Meals will include beverages, and desserts at lunch and dinner. We'll have plenty of salads and fresh veggies, as well as tasty entrees. We heartily recommend getting your meals this way, because it is more fun to eat and socialize with the rest of the group. Also, there aren't many restaurants nearby, and going out for meals will probably use up a lot of time. Food is an important part of the experience, and we have done our best to plan great food at the best possible price. (Note: We do not make any money on the Meal Plan. We simply pass on the amount the Hilton charges.)

For Workshop Registration, please call 1-802-476-4775
For Online Registration, Click "More Info" below

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